Smell of sperm


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Sperm Smell of
Rotten smell after male ejaculation inside of my vagina
Smell of sperm
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Sperm Smell of
The answer to this question depends on the way your semen actually smells like. Men and their partners are often too concerned about the smell of their semen, the fluid that carries the sperm.
Smell of sperm
Everything You Need To Know About Sperm (Including Male Fertility And That Distinct Semen Smell)
Smell of sperm ideal answer
What Does Sperm Smell Like? Does It Smell Bad?
Sperm Smell of
While semen is undeniably part of sex , talking about sperm is something we tend to shy away from - let's face it, it's not the sexiest subject in the world.
Smell of sperm
Semen contains numerous substances that influence its smell, and your individual diet, hygiene, and sex life all play a part. Certain foods can give it a sweet scent and taste!
Sperm Smell of
Sperm can have many different smells, from bleachy to fishy, which is determined by many different factors, including health, diet, and lifestyle choices. There are changes you can make to help your sperm smell better or less strong.
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Is it normal if sperm has strong odor (like bleach, chlorine, fish)?
Sperm Smell of
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