Doing her pee hole


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Doing her pee hole
Women Don't Pee Out of Their Vaginas, and Other Little-Known Facts
Doing her pee hole
Guest over a year ago.
Doing her pee hole
My health teacher asked us this question today and asked the girls to come up with 4 possible answers.
Doing her pee hole
Pee hole.. Weird question - March Babies
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Pain in the inside of your vagina when you pee or pass urine can have many possible causes. Urine is typically acidic so if there is any irritation near the entrance to your vagina, when urine leaves your body through the urethra, you would likely have discomfort, such as burning.
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After some brief introductions and an overview, this is how I start the first class in the childbirth education series I teach.
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So I discharge ALOT, constantly changing my underwear, well for the past few weeks, my pee hole has been itching like crazy!! I always stay really clean down there and tonight I looked and had white discharge all around my pee hole, now I know that can happen from a yeast infection but I don't have a yeast infection
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I never brought it up.

Doing her pee hole
What does it mean if the pee hole itches really bad for a female?
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