Aunt spank hairbrush stories


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Aunt spank hairbrush stories
This is one of the first spanking stories I ever wrote, and one of the first audio recordings I ever made, too. You have to be logged in to comment.
Stories Aunt spank hairbrush
Auntie Sarah Spanks Part Two - FF Punishment Arousal
Aunt spank hairbrush stories matchless
Dreams of Spanking - Auntie Gillian's Hairbrush
Stories Aunt spank hairbrush
Aunt Bernice - by John Novack - United States (CP Spanking Stories)
Aunt spank hairbrush stories
Spanking Story - A Visit With Aunt Marlene - Ms. Marwood's Spanking Discipline Sessions
Stories Aunt spank hairbrush
Jillian, a redheaded American, was sixteen years old and had just moved into the Village which comprised one main street, at the end of which were a small zoo and fields, and at the beginning, off to either side were a lot of council houses.
Stories Aunt spank hairbrush
This is a work of fiction, meant for the entertainment of adults.
Stories Aunt spank hairbrush
Is this real or this this a erotic sadistic story to arouse people? My grandma always referred to our spankings as a hiney warming.
Stories Aunt spank hairbrush
My Aunt Peggy spanked with a rather light plastic hairbrush with a big, flat backside. It was not meant to bruise after a few good licks but was rather intended to allow for very long applications where your bottom just gets hotter and hotter.
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I was raised by just my mom. This was during the 50's and 60's.
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