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Krishnan, 45, is singing.
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Mayim Bialik Makes The Best Argument Against Spanking You’ve Ever Heard
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Mayim Bialik Makes a Strong Point Against Spanking Kids
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Madonna kind of has a thing for bringing on major stars onto stage with her - she's had Katy Perry screaming that Madge is her mum, and she's had Idris Elba actually opening for her.
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Spank You Very Much! Madonna Thanks Ariana With A Big Ol' Smack On The Bum! - Capital
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A recent video of hers is really striking a chord with parents as Bialik tackles a much-debated topic that every parent seems to have a strong opinion either for or against — spanking. Instead, she believes parenting with consistency and compassion is the best way to raise well-behaved children and foster a healthy relationship with our kids.
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Lady Gaga gets spanked by women in the bath in teaser video for Cake
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The Big Bang Theory actress recorded a YouTube video in which she delivers an argument against spanking your children. Do you agree with her?
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Spanking My Sociopath – The Haven – Medium
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Lady Gaga has revealed a teaser video for a song called Cake, which sees the singer dance in her underwear and join two gorgeous girls in a bathtub. The short clip, posted online, shows the singer crawling towards the camera wearing a bra before a short scene shows her in a bath with two women.
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