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Moby-Dick is far ahead of its time on the subject of its aspect of religion.
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One is the allusion to the story of Jonah. The story of Jonah centers specifically around God calling Jonah to do a job, which Jonah is reluctant to do.
In Allusion moby dick
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In Allusion moby dick
Essay Sample: Biblical References in Moby-Dick
Allusion dick in moby
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Moby Dick: Allusions by Chris Dulhanty on Prezi
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This influence has been studied extensively, especially in regard to the influence of the biblical books of Job and Jonah on Moby-Dick. Ecclesiastes was also important and seems to have influenced the writing of this novel in a more fundamental way than other biblical books.
Allusion dick in moby
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Biblical Allusions & References in Moby-Dick
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