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Keeping your head shaved requires a lot of attention and dedication. Finding the best way to keep your head shaved only makes sense and will make your life a little easier.
Keep head shaved
How to Shave + Maintain a Bald Head
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Taking the plunge to shave your head completely bald can be a huge undertaking for some men, it was definitely for me as I wrote about it here. Any SPF protection greater than 50 may receive diminishing effects.
Keep head shaved
Because the new look was such a shocking departure from his former styles — which typically showcased a thick, healthy head of hair — fans all over the world expressed the same thoughts: Was he going bald?
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You need to shave your head every day or every second day.
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All the virtues that come with bearing a clean-shaven head according to a study performed by the University of Pennsylvania. It took Michael Jordan his first three-peat with the Chicago Bulls, Tyson Beckford blazing fashion runways, and of course, Vin Diesel to make bald the new sexy.
Keep head shaved
When your dad taught you how to shave, he focused his lesson on the cheeks and chin. That was practical for the first decade or two of your shaving years, but what about the suddenly balding crown that you also inherited?
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How To Maintain A Shaved Head To Perfection: A Bald Man's Guide
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However, growing into and then grooming a bald head is perhaps another conversation.
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How To Maintain The Perfect Bald Head - AskMen
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